It's time we press rewind, literally, on the way we consume music; elevating the experience from one you simply listen to, to one you can actually feel


With one simple press SHOTPUMP quickly and precisely dispenses the perfect amount of liquor for a shot or cocktail

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Mixxim merges classic craftsmanship with modern technology. Paul Burns is the inventor behind the unique products that are a combination of design and function. Mixxim's goal is to challenge preconceptions of art and design and transform popular creations into original products. The 2017 MIXXTAPE was 1215% funded on Kickstarter in just 30 days and featured by Kickstarter on "Projects We Love." The 2019 edition was recognized as one of ten finalists at the CES Last Gadget Standing competition.

The goal for the 2022 products is to rock your face off.

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