Payment Plan

We are offering a payment plan option for those that would like one. The payment plan will break your purchase into 3 separate payments, and will be managed by our partner

Only credit cards can be used for payment plan orders.

All orders using the payment plan will include a 5% service charge to cover additional fees associated with the plan.

The initial pre-order payment will be 34% of the total order and will be charged at the time of order and the 2 remaining payments of 33% each will follow monthly. Payments will be based on the date when you place your initial order and subsequent payments will be monthly  (i.e. If you order on January 7th, your next payment will be on February 7th, and final payment on March 7th).  All 3 payments will be inclusive of the shipping costs for the order.

This will be an automated process and orders that do not complete the payment process will be subject to cancellation.