1. Does MIXXTAPE work with iTunes? Yes. Drag and drop your library to the MIXXTAPE and you're all set.
  2. How many songs does it hold? MIXXTAPE uses a microSD card so therefore it has virtually unlimited memory. An 8GB card is included (approximately 2,000 songs). It will support up to 128GB (over 30,000 songs).
  3. Is there a Shuffle function? Yes. MIXXTAPE supports Shuffle, Repeat, and Hold/Resume.
  4. Does MIXXTAPE support other languages? Yes. MIXXTAPE supports over 20 languages. See the Navigation page for a complete list.
  5. Is the firmware upgradeable? Yes. When an update is available, you will be notified with instructions.
  6. What audio formats are supported? FLAC, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, WAV, AAC-LC, ACELP, + Audible Formats
  7. My memory card isn't working. What do I do? Make sure your card is formatted to FAT32. For 64GB & 128GB cards, you may need a third party app to format the card to FAT32.
  8. The tape deck in my car keeps ejecting my MIXXTAPE. How do I fix it? It might be the wrong playback direction of the car stereo's autoreverse feature. If it doesn't work on one direction try to change the autoreverse direction. Also, MIXXTAPE is limited to the use of car stereos which are not equipped with tape movement sensors. If the car stereo has a line in jack, please connect the signal lead between the line in jack of the car stereo and the headphone jack of your MIXXTAPE. 

As we receive more questions, we will continue to update this page.